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Multivalent Salmonella vaccines – Wellcome Trust-Funded Project

Multivalent Salmonella vaccines – Wellcome Trust-Funded Project

Salmonella are bacteria that cause life-threatening diseases in adults and children. The global estimated burden of typhoid fever is over 21M illnesses and 200,000 deaths with sustained high incidence in South East Asia and endemic/epidemic occurrence in Africa. Paratyphoid causes 5.4M illnesses worldwide. Invasive non-typhoidal serovars (iNTS) are a leading cause of lethal sepsis and severe relapsing infections in young children and immune-compromised individuals, especially in countries of the sub-Saharan African region with an estimated 3.8M illnesses, 680,000 deaths annually and very high case-fatality ratios (20%).

These diseases co-exist in many geographical areas, especially in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC). Therefore, a single vaccine against all the major Salmonella infections would be highly desirable.

The project, funded by the Wellcome Trust, will use genetically engineered mOMV to target various salmonella-related infections in a single vaccine preparation. The vaccine will have the advantages of efficacy, multivalency, safety and low production cost and will therefore benefit both travelers and those who live in endemic areas.