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Our Technology

Contraria Biotech exploits integrated technological platforms to identify, select and develop future approaches to deliver effective products.

modified Outer Membrane Vesicles (mOMV)

A versatile technology platform that exploits bacteria for the production of self adjuvanting vesicles able to deliver antigenic molecules.

This technology has great advantages for product development, including large-scale, cost-effective productionmOMV have demonstrated good tolerability and high immunogenicity in humans.

Solutions to fight AMR pathogens

Bacterial infections remain a serious threat for humanity. The increasing impact of antimicrobial resistance could create a global crisis with 10 million death per year in 2050.

We will use our R&D platforms to develop vaccines and immuno-therapeutics against Gram-negative bacteria that have a high level of antimicrobial resistance worldwide.

Biotech Lab 4.0

Vaccine development by design

A revolutionary way to accelerate, control and implement processes in real time by creating intelligent networks of equipment and open data systems that govern each other.

Contraria Biotech Lab 4.0 is a new model of early stage development for new biopharmaceutical products, particularly those containing, or consisting of, recombinant proteins (e.g. vaccines, immuno-therapeutics, ), and a new model of pre-clinical R&D.

They Talk About Us

Presentato al CdA della Fondazione Biotecnopolo di Siena il Progetto Prometheus. Filiera biotecnologica strategica nazionale permanente
Progetto Prometheus
20 Marzo 2024
Achilles Vaccines, impegnata nello sviluppo di vaccini e biofarmaci ad alto contenuto tecnologico, si conferma protagonista internazionale nell’area life sciences.
AchilleS Vaccines - Penta Child Health Research - IAVI
01 Febbraio 2024
AchilleS Vaccines cambia nome e diventa Contraria Biotech

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