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Welcome to Achilles Vaccines

About The Company

Who We Are

Contraria Biotech is a biopharmaceutical development company that aims to create sustainable therapeutic and prophylactic drugs against infectious diseases. The company has, since 2017, been based in Siena (Italy), a world-renowned biotechnology hub. The founders of Contraria Biotech and the core team have decades of experience in the world of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals. Such experience, ranging from preclinical research and development to international business development, allows for an early, market-focused orientation of our cutting-edge technology platforms and operating model. We are committed to designing innovative, cost-effective therapeutic and prophylactic products to address some of today’s major global health problems, including antibiotic resistance, emerging diseases and pandemics.

Passion and Tradition

Since the dawn of immunological science, vaccines and immune-therapeutics have proven to be the most effective and often synergistic tools against the risks related to the spread of various pathogens. The advent of new and powerful technologies, such as AI and robotics, absent in the biotech world until a few years ago, combined with the continuous translational work of passionate immune-pharma experts, allow Contraria to maximize knowledge of the antigen and to create, also through virtuous long-term collaborations with the best specialists, new generation vaccines and monoclonal antibodies against infectious diseases of various kinds. These candidates all have a very well defined profile which is summed up in the slogan: ``Sooner, safer and for all``.


Our vision

Human communities without unbeatable infectious diseases


Our mission

Develop safe, sustainable, universal vaccines & antibodies against infections



Foundation of AchilleS Vaccines


EU Malaria Fund

€11 million venture loan funding for Malaria vaccines and other targets



€0,3 million grant for Salmonella vaccine project



Record time dvlp and first in human of anti-Covid mAb


EU Malaria Fund

€3,5 million venture loan for Meningo and Gonorrhea projects


MiSE Project

€0,5 million grant for Lab 4.0 project


Contraria Biotech

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